Neaptide Islands

The Neaptide Islands are a pair of islands in West Blue. The northernmost island houses the archipelago’s governor and his family. The other island houses most of the islands’ population.

Once a year, solar and lunar alignment combine to create an unusually low tide, or neaptide. For approximately two weeks during this time each year, a third island between the other two appears. In the past this island was considered to be holy ground by the primitive inhabitants of the islands, and its appearance was considered a blessing from the sea. Today, when this island appears, it is the site for a grand festival, which draws crowds of people from all over the West Blue and beyond.


The Neaptide islands are home to just over a thousand people. However, this number quadruples during the neaptide, as tourists come from far and wide to see the fabled sacred island and enjoy the festivities. Masks and baubles are sold commemorating the ancient people’s veneration for the sea, troupes of performers give shows and concerts at all hours of the day and night, and fireworks ceremonies are held every evening after dusk. Merchants and vendors come to put their best wares on display, selling everything from food to firearms. Visitors are not prohibited from carrying weapons, but violence at the festival is discouraged by a small army of guards hired seasonally to keep the peace at this important event.

The governor of the Neaptide islands is the de facto Master of Ceremonies at the neaptide festival. Presiding over this important cultural and economic event gives him pull with other rulers that more than makes up for the small size and population of the territory he governs. The current governor is aman known as Gilford, a man who makes no secret of his desire for society to return to the good old days.

Neaptide Islands

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